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Aangezien Nederland hun eigen land beter kent dan dat domme buurland België.


Stijgt wel erg hard dan zeg. Je wilt zeggen dat de zee zomaar 300M + stijgt?:D


Jah, maar niet om 300M+ te stijgen & anders loopt belgië ook bijna helemaal onder. Sowieso heeft dit gewazel eigenlijk niets met het onderwerp te maken en wil je zoals gewoon weer ergens een punt te maken dat nergens op slaat.


Jah, maar niet om 300M+ te stijgen & anders loopt belgië ook bijna helemaal onder. Sowieso heeft dit gewazel eigenlijk niets met het onderwerp te maken en wil je zoals gewoon weer ergens een punt te maken dat nergens op slaat.

Wel om 300+m te stijgen en begie loopt niet onder:eek: . En misschien wel ja :D


Mijn god, kap er nu mee. Jou iets aanleren is onbegonnen werk.


Zal best dat je dat vroeger nog lukte, vrees voor je dat dat nu niet meer het geval is.


rolleyes: Vertel me dan wat belgië ooit fout heeft gedaan :eek:

Heb je ooit gehoord van Congo? Dat was een kolonie van jullie. Dat jij niet weet wat jouw land daar misdaan heeft, zegt denk ik genoeg... Daarnaast zijn jullie niet eens echt "een land" te noemen... Ook is "the silent assassin of European democracy and nation-states" natuurlijk weer afkomstig vanuit jullie extreem oppurtunistische groep politici. Jullie hebben verder een falende democratie. Ook kan ik je nu bijvoorbeeld weer even zeggen dat jullie politie natuurlijk weer gefaald heeft paar weekjes terug.

I lived there for 1 year in Namur. Belgium the country is a pathetic post war reflection on the type of people that live there. The administration is so stupid, corrupt and evil that the Belgian people deserve them for not removing and replacing it. Bent coppers at the federal level, all of the local mayors are simply the mafia in direct control of the local police forces. Miserable people across the board, shopkeepers are the most depressed. The tax burden is so ridiculous that it is the accepted behaviour to dodge all taxes blatantly. The Belgians are a good example of simply how damaging and useless a bloated bureaucracy can evolve into (c.f. The European Union). I spoke to Accountants, Lawyers, property developers, business people, civil servants, freelancers and students and they all agreed that Belgium was totally corrupt and high level crime ridden. Cowardly people (unless they've had a £2 bottle of wine already) they simply sit back and continue to be clustered by their public bodies. In Britain (and America, Canada etc.) our brave soldiers marched into Europe, fought and died to reclaim the European mainland from Nazi Germany. Our glorious troops could have easily stopped before Berlin and completed their objectives but no- they went beyond the call of duty and liberated the whole of western Europe. It brings a tear to my eye to see what the Belgians have done with our gift to them of life and liberty. They will not learn, they will persist to live in that pathetic, cowardly and dishonest state as long as there is someone to fight for them on their behalf. The European Union will go the same way. In Britain we do not want to have anything to do with these second class Europeans.

Dat dikgedrukte stukje geeft precies aan waarom ik het jullie van harte gun!
Nog even wat stukjes van mensen die bijvoorbeeld in jullie landje gewoond hebben...

It's not that I hate Belgium or Belgians per say but dear god this place sucks the life out of you. The weather is shit, in fact it's beyond shit. There is no sun or warmth in the weather at all.
I hate the fact that everything is so goddamn expensive, there is no point buying anything locally unless you want your wallet raped. It cost 2 bloody Euro to just put one bag of rubbish out. 40eur for a roll of twenty garbage bags, come the fuck on people. And the fact that people are fine with it pisses me off too.
Garbage day itself is like a minefield, walking through puddles of garbage juice and leaping mounds of rubbish bags.

The roads are a disgrace too yet you can't go 5 minutes without being held up or diverted by someone digging more holes in the road often for months on end. The weather is appalling.
The fascination people have with lights is ridiculous too, are these people moths? Rows and rows of useless power wastage along the highways and inconsiderate neighbours who are only too pleased to illuminate your yard with their mini-suns. Even on the one day it's not cloudy you can't even make out the stars at night from the light pollution.

They charge you to go to the loo which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't covered in filth.
All the small little pointless courtesies too, the fact you are expected to give gifts to people who are just doing their job like teachers, postmen etc.
And what's up with the garden fascism? Seriously, if I don't cut my lawn every two weeks I have brought shame and disgrace upon my household, family and neighbours? What is wrong with people.
On that note you're expected to keep a well kept garden but on the only day you have free during the week you can't do thing because no engines on a Sunday. Dumb.
The weather is abismal.

Whats with all the leaves too, where I come from we don't have deciduous trees. Don't like them, too much work. Cats too, people keep your cats inside so they aren't out breeding and ripping up my garbage bags.
And why the thirst for so much blood, leave the poor moles alone you monsters.

Also, Colruyt. Go to hell all those who work and shop there.
The weather isn't much to speak of either.

All in all I don't mind the place though but can't say I'll be sad to see the arse end of it either.
Cheers Belgium, it's been weird!

Ah, Belgium. The only time you were happy to speak to me in English was when I went to your commune to tell you I was leaving. Belgium, where petty, institutionalised racism exists in every facet of everyday life. A country so far behind the curve that the majority of people there probably still believe the world to be flat - and of those people many think that the world revolves around Belgium. Here's a newsflash, though: it thankfully does not.

For a country that apparently prides itself on being the "capital" of Europe, it's natives are, generally speaking, an unclean, uncivilised and dirty bunch. I took public transport in Belgium for five years and could never quite get used to the smell. Women with greasy hair, acne, overweight, eating chocolate and cakes for breakfast. Skinny, desperately underweight men with awful teeth and unwashed clothes that stink of stale alcohol and cigarettes. Where's your self respect?

During my last year in Belgium I was told so many times by natives that foreigners are the problem in Belgium. You can go into the street, you can look around and see that everything - *everything* - is broken. Street lights that are broken with wires loosely hanging out, street signs that have been hit by a drunken driver and not repaired even after several months, roadworks that last for years, graffiti, filth. These problems permeate every nook and cranny of Belgium, and if you ask the natives, well, it's because of the foreigners. If only everyone spoke Dutch! If only we all understood each other better!

You know what? Belgium is the only country i've ever been to where people will deliberately try not to understand you, no matter what language you speak. And it's usually to prove some point about speaking Dutch that, at least in their tiny, flat earth state of mind, is actually more important than fixing the fucking street lights, or repairing the broken roads.

But of course, it's the fault of the foreigners that don't speak Dutch who cause all of the problems. The Flemish nationalists, when not busy voting for their preferred NVA or VB delegates will happily tell you that the foreigners "take all of our jobs" and "drain money from our economy" or "ruin Belgian culture".

This attitude happily ignores that, of the jobs that are non-municipal, the majority are created by foreign investment. That means non-Belgian companies for which English is the primary language. Sorry Belgians, but the jobs didn't belong to you in the first place, and the main reason that foreign companies come to Belgium is because of the high concentration of educated foreigners and close proximity to other countries.

It also ignores that no matter who you look at, be it the municipal workers, the contractors, the middle classes, the upper classes. Belgians don't pay tax. Belgians squirrel their black money away in foreign bank accounts to avoid declaring it, to avoid paying tax. It's like a national sport. In fact in my experience the foreigners are the only ones that don't understand the complicated tax system and therefore pay the full whack, no matter how much it is.

And as for Belgian culture. What fucking culture? The culture of lying to each other? The culture of ignoring your neighbours for years, decades even? The culture of being rude and pushy towards each other? The culture of pointing the finger of blame anywhere but at yourselves, even when you made the problem in the first place? Being rude to pretty much anyone and everyone that isn't Belgian, and even those that are Belgian? Living in cold, damp, badly built houses?

Your youth are drab and uninventive, because your judgemental society punishes those who dare to be different. You are a small, petty, narrow minded country of imbeciles that are destined for perpetual nothingness. I hope you get everything you wish for. And with that, I leave you with a quote:

“petit pays, petites gens”
- Leopold II

Belgium is so shit. I have never been to belgium, but I have met a few belgians, all of them - without exception - are completely retarded. First off, listen to their accents when they try to attept to speak english. HAHAHAHAH fail... Belgians are rude, argumentative and stupid - which clearly means that argueing with them makes you want to murder them. I am usually quite patient with foreigners here in Britain but Belgians are a new kind of faggot. Belgium is a retarded country - who breeds faggots and retards so I vote that Belgians should not be allowed to breed. (espeically not with their own family which seems to be the largest problem)

En nee, Nederland is ook zeker niet perfect. Maar jouw soort vieze Belgische nationalisten zijn het trieste volk op aarde, jullie zijn gewoon een land wat bar weinig heeft om trots op te zijn, dan kan je wel bier of friet zeggen, maar de beste friettent in België is van een Nederlander en Heineken is nog altijd groter dan welk ander Belgisch biermerk... Ga gewoon weg oke?


de belgische politiek kan nog niet eens een taal kiezen:p hoe achterlijk zijn ze dan wel niet...
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