Hey guys

I see that the .NL graphics forum has become a little quieter over the last couple of months so I would like to spice things up a little.

I am offering 1200pp to the player who can create the best image, however there are rules which I will list below:

- Picture size must be no more or less than 300 x 200px
- You must use a render/PNG (I do not expect you to cut yourself, you can get it from google however your own cut will increase your chances) and create the background yourself rather than simply editing a stock see example below
- Ultimately I will decide the winner, however other players opinions will be taking into consideration.
- You can choose whatever theme you like
- Blur/Lighten will result in ban (Joke)

Good luck guys. I will announce winner 01/06/18.

Thank you and have fun.
134 <---- I have this in quickbar, you will find some extremely useful tutorials here.