1V1 Toernooi op de Franse server


Speed Kampioen 2017 (Goud) & Skilled Soldier 2017

Voor de mensen die eens een nieuwe uitdaging willen, er wordt een 1v1 toernooi gehouden op de Franse server. Er zijn momenteel al 72 spelers ingeschreven, zeer internationale opkomst. Niet iedereen is super goed, dus ik zou gewoon meedoen als je tijd hebt. Het systeem is dubbele eliminatie dus je speelt sws 2 games. Rondes zullen steeds van 22u tot 00u lopen, in de weekends mogelijks overdag ook. Hieronder vind je de aankondiging, hoe je je moet inschrijven en een link naar de discord. Inschrijven kan tot 2/07 (nog 2 dagen, haast je)

A 1v1 tournament will be organize on .FR. Everything will be managed on this discord server (announcements, matches channels to give password,...) Start Date : 6 July For a matter of organization, matches will only take place from 22:00 to 00:00 FR TIME, if you are not available during this time slot, please don't register. Several matches can occurs on the same round (up to 9), so we won't have any problem scheduling the rounds. Structure : Double elimination if 32 players or less, Single elimination if more than 32 players, not determined at 100% yet. Settings : not determined yet, but it will be mines 6 starting level and mirror map, 2 hours rounds duration and you will probably have to play 2 or 3 matchs per week Premium : PA and FA will be provided for each player. Rank 3 players will be rewarded on .FR market (500pp, 1000pp, 1500pp). Registration : https://www.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/3685848620592390144/information You must create an account and register to the tournament (specfify your .FR username) and let me know on discord when you have register so I can validate it. I take suggestion for the map pattern that will be used, you can create your own on this link : http://location.speed.free.fr/placement/speed.html right click to select the color of the village and left click to place a village. Then "Export" button, you must provide a screenshot of your pattern and the list of coordinates. Notice that a good number of barbs will be between 20 and 30. If you have any question, please ask in the general chat. The discord: https://discord.gg/kRb8pC6

Het patroon van de map zal er zo uitzien: 1593505984335.png
De instellingen als volgt:

settings will be :
start mines 6,
HQ and warehouse 1
no paladin
no archer
23 barbs per player
fake limit 1%
speed : 380 0.7 (22sec for lcs and 1:07 for rams to reach your opponent)
production : x1,2
no milicia
100ms noble gap
120sec cancel commands
20% coin cost
barbs conquer enabled
loyalty : always 25
begginer protection : 15min