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Goedenmiddag ..

sorry voor mijn nederlands maar dit is geschreven en van google vertaler ;)
Ik had 10 afbeeldingen nodig Ik zou graag willen weten wie mij zou kunnen maken?
En hun waarde??
You can use this translated preview below to request an picture (or more). Just erase the "" with your picture details. (the more details the better the response)

I'm looking for a profile picture for my account: “Acc name”

1. The text: "name and possible addons that you want on the picture"
2. Color combination(s): "choose a color combo you like/want/prefer"
3. Theme: "what kind of theme does it has to be"
4. Pictures as example: "Picture that you would like to use"
5. Deadline: "date for the picture, asap or later"
6. Price/gift: "You can give a price or gift (only Premium Points) for the effort. You can decide but no more then 400 Points."
7. Favorite at this time: "the favorite picture that you liked the most but has not decided yet."

Easy copy:

1. The text:
2. Color combination(s):
3. Theme:
4. Pictures as example:
5. Deadline:
6. Price/gift:
7. Favorite at this time: